Box Hub Vennel

Your Idea, Our Space – An Event to Remember, Every Time

A stunning space, created solely to support your vision. A warm, versatile and charming venue. The Vennel knows no bounds, perfect for catering to your event no matter the occasion.

Situated within an industrial, glass roofed and timeless piece of Glaswegian history we provide the perfect space to host your next event.
The charm of the space greets you at the door and the character engages continuously.
No matter the nature of your event, our beautiful and eloquent backdrop provides the perfect canvas for you to bring your event to life.

With a maximum capacity of 200 guests, patrons or loved ones, we find ourselves suited to a magnitude of occasions. Whether it be wedding ceremonies, corporate events, live music performances or family parties – Box Hub is the space for you.



Box Hub’s ground floor ‘Vennel’ is a newly developed, multi-purpose events space. Designed meticulously with Box Hub’s vast potential in mind, the Vennel lends itself perfectly to any event.

Our venue comes equipped with a fully operational, hand crafted, bar. Situated within an entirely repurposed shipping container, we pay homage to the industrial history of Glasgow and the River Clyde we are located beside.
The building itself has its roots in the whisky industry, a place where once our nations signature spirit was distilled and distributed, we delight ourselves in facilitating the progression to the consumer facing end of the process.

Complete with a gorgeous, atrium-style glass roofed ceiling our staging area locates itself within a naturally lit slice of heaven. Fit for making any performance worldly, anything from live music through key speaking performances can be truly breath taking within the Vennel.

The Vennel itself; regardless of the creative, intimate and accommodating potential; relies on you. Any event idea can be brought to life with BoxHub – no matter how small.


Our mission is to fully support the needs of you, to fulfil your vision across all scopes of your imagination.


Weddings, Conferences, Art Exhibitions, Fashion Shows, DJ Performances, Live music Events, Celebratory Parties – the list of what we can do is endless.


Don’t hesitate to enquire, get involved today, bring your event to life.